eds-bar-smallerWhat We Learned on Spring Rotation

Lusserr and Jir Rampen

About ourselves

  • Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder
  • There are no arguments over laundry, cooking or cleaning when Simoni does it all
  • Never dismiss a butt zit … it could be something else
  • The Ilala is the only cruise ship we will ever ride

About the hospital

  • Dead rats are better than live ones
  • The number of pts and beds are not always the same
  • The barnyard smell isn’t just for barnyards anymore

About Africa

  • Carlsberg is probably the best beer in the world
  • Malawian children are beautiful even with snotty noses
  • You can get a great hamburger in Africa but you have to cook it yourself

About life

  • Two rules: 1. Don’t walk at night. 2. Don’t divorce the salt and pepper
  • God works in mysterious ways and through mysterious people
  • If you listen you may find yourself in an adventure of a lifetime
  • If everyone works together, no one gets voted off the island
  • There’s a light at the end of the tunnel … it’s called Ed’s Bar


Dennis Lindell, Kim Heller, Christie, Jill Howey

Our (in)famous quotes

  • “This is not impressive! Show me something impressive.”
  • “There’s a hippo in our backyard.”
  • “Hello … I’m naked here!”
  • “Zimocha.”
  • “Whose log’s in the toilet?”
  • “Mom and Dad need their privacy.”
  • “Ah! The ants are attacking me!”

Kim Heller

I came to Africa to learn more about medicine and physical exams. Who knew I’d learn more about human nature, the magic of friendship and the beauty of people known and unknown. Thank you, Terrie, for allowing me the opportunity to make these discoveries and to visit my ancestral homeland. Just magical!