Block 1

Tips for The Mulanje

  • “For the love of God — pack as many snacks as you can and when you think you have enough, pack more.” — Sasha
  • Food — We do NOT recommend bringing ratatouille or boiled eggs — it wasn’t good. Spaghetti was decent — bring veggie mince for the vegetarians and make sure there are no weevils (bugs) in it.
  • Bring a lot of sunscreen. You will get burned!
  • Carry a daypack w/sunscreen, snacks, raincoats, water and cameras.
  • Drink the stream water — it’s safe and delicious!
  • This hike is hard and a commitment. Be prepared for a difficult hike. It is totally worth it but don’t underestimate this mountain.

Tips from Brittany

  • All you need is a bar of soap!
  • Carry more water than you think you need.
  • Wear shoes that will protect your feet and dry quickly.
  • Trust your feet and believe you can balance.
  • Do not quit!
  • Climb when it is dry — wet = death.


Block 2

Mona Bazargan, Jennifer Nimtz, Suzan Hadwan, Natalie Blum, Tess Woehrlen, Jon Anthony, Emily Cieslik, Sabrina Huq

South Luangwa and Victoria Falls


Hired Unity to take us to Lilongwe. Agreed on 160,000 MK. He bumped up the price to 170,000 MK. Has bus big enough for 8 people. Can try using him again.


Stayed at Mabaya in Lilongwe for 12 USD per person for one night. Dorm style setting. Nice pool. **Check for ants in the syrup.**

Kiboko Safari

We used this safari group for our 9-day excursion to South Luangwa National Park and Victoria Falls. We LOVED them. Hopefully you get Francis and Joffett. It was approx. 1400 USD. Cheapest group we found. Get ready for lots of driving. Bring books, games, cards, music — whatever you need to make the time go by. BRING SNACKS! *Don’t forget — bring yellow fever card and 50 USD for Zambia visa! Don’t need multiple entry visa.

South Luangwa National Park

AMAZING!! We got to see everything! We camped in tents at Marula camp, which we loved. Amazing food. Hippos roam around the camp at night. Don’t pitch your tent too close to the water. Ask Milimo (the guard) at night to wake you up to see hippos. Pack binoculars for the game drive. Outdoor showers are soooo nice — watch out for bush babies. They have a nice pool you can lounge at between game drives. Buy wine from the bar for sunset game drives.

Packing list

  • Toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer (nature will be your toilet)
  • Sunscreen
  • USD
  • Stuff to barter with
  • Ziplocs
  • Baby wipes
  • Shower slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Yellow fever card
  • Passport
  • Bug spray
  • Clothes for 9 days
  • Body spray
  • Rain gear
  • Flashlights
  • Waterproof shooes

Tips to survive tent life

  • Roll down your window covers — your shit will get drenched
  • Move sleeping bags and belongings away from the sides of the tent

Victoria Falls

  • Stayed at waterfront. You can get 30 min of free wifi daily. Use Saf Par for excursions.
  • 5 USD per 4 people to get to the falls
  • 20 USD entry into the park — DO spend some time exploring the falls. It is a natural wonder for a reason
  • Spend 2 USD on a poncho — everything you own will get drenched. Pack Ziplocs to put your valuables in
  • Curios market — salesmen are VERY aggressive. Bring stuff to barter with. They will even want your wet socks!

Watch out for baboons! If you have Fanta they will attack.


Best Block Ever

Lake Malawi

[Trip Details]

  • LOS: 2 days
  • Lodging: Gecko Lodge ($10/night/person)
  • Driver: Fraction (kind of). We paid 140,000/23,000 each
  • So we have had a good experience overall with Fraction, however he was not our actual driver for the trip. He sent his brother Martin in lieu of himself. Martin was very nice but his van wasn’t “registered” for travel to Cape Maclear, so we spent an extra 2.5 HOURS waiting while he and 2 of his buddies drove to police stations in Blantyre and Limbe before we hit the road. We did not enjoy the delay, but he got there safe and sound, which was the most important.
  • Activities: The 1st night we just chilled and enjoyed the gorgeous lake views. 3 of us ordered pizzas, which were really good. The 2nd day we paid $25 each for a day of snorkeling, kayaking and eagle feeding. The water was crystal clear and the sun was shining, so it was a great day.
  • Be sure to bring stuff for trading. They LOVED our spare sunglasses.

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