Everyday Life

Everyday life

Malawi introduced a 2,000 kwacha note in December 2016, shortly after the U.S. election. Everyone has taken to calling them “Trumps”!

A hopeful sign at the airport in Chileka — Lost BUT Found.

We are constantly misplacing house keys and every year we have to buy more, so every year this shop at the  airport in Johannesburg is a regular stop.

The bigger dining room table a lovely improvement over the TINY table at the last house — you can see Karl Seidel grabbing a cookie, “Pike,” a grad student from the University of Maryland reaching for a cookie, Kevin Leikert with glasses, and a visiting emergency medicine resident from Texas.

This helpful map of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital was developed by one of the Rice University engineers (working under the aegis of Rebecca Kortums-Richard, a MacArthur Foundation genius award winner).

This is Patrick Yousif, a medical student doing an internal medicine rotation (April 2017)