Hamilton Banda

Many of us know Hamilton through his art, including his made-to-order carvings.

hamilton1-copyDid you also know Hamilton is a philanthropist? For years, he has run a program for disabled people in Ndirande, the high-density suburb of Blantyre, where he lives. Residents at the home, which is also supported in part by his church, live comfortably, work and have social opportunities they might not have otherwise. Disabilities come with an oppressive amount of stigma in much of Malawi.

mom-with-babies-copyRecently, Hamilton answered a need from the families and friends of the residents of his home and started a support group. The Ndirande Handicapped Center has land for building, but is now raising the funds to build the building. There was a generous amount of support from Hamilton’s friends in the U.S. to raise the money to buy the land and he is so happy to have this support. But, until he can afford to build a building, he is paying rent at a local church so people still have a place to meet.

Check out the GoFundMe site, which says he’s met his goal, but that’s the goal for the land and doesn’t include the building. Any donations made to this fund will go directly to Hamilton to help him pay building costs.