The ‘Huckle-Harrison Generator’

We now how a generator at the MSU House. Isn’t it beautiful?


Guard Christopher Labana with the new generator.


The impetus to add a back-up generator to the MSU House initially came from Dr. Shannon Harrison, a retired internist who is a friend of Dean Strampel. He’d made several visits to Malawi, helping with patient care and teaching in the Department of Medicine.  During his visit in the fall of 2015, the power cuts were frequent and interfered a lot with his course preparations in the evening. He is a military vet with tons of experience in difficult settings overseas, so we took his complaints to heart.
We were able to even CONSIDER buying and installing a generator ($15,000, including a cement slab, connecting it to the house, protective cage, etc) because of a very generous gift from Jim and Diana Huckle, on the heels of an event held in Traverse City at Kirkbride Hall in the summer of 2015.
It is in place and running — we plan to use it sparingly, because it would consume 75 liters of diesel per day.
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