Ongoing research

Even the best, savviest investigators struggle to secure research support from time to time.  We’ve developed quite a large research infrastructure in Malawi (an administrative team, an inpatient research ward, an MRI center, and an outpatient research clinic in Ndirande township).  Maintaining that capacity is less expensive than re-establishing it, and ~$300,000 per year is what Dean Strampel has provided to the BMP over the past 3 years to sustain salaries normally covered by grants;  we would like to establish an endowment that will make this level of support available in perpetuity.

Future research

It is helpful to have access to small amounts of seed money to support the “next big project.” These funds help with generating preliminary data from scratch, analyzing already collected samples to support a new hypothesis, or bringing a potential collaborator out to Malawi to see if the “fit” is a good one.