Teaching and hospitality



One of our defining purposes, from the beginning, has been the support medical student electives at QECH.  This has expanded recently to include MSU undergraduates on an ad hoc basis and, beginning in May, an undergraduate study abroad program (supervised by Karl Seydel and Francie Downes).  Dr. David Madgy brings a team of pediatric ENT residents over on an annual basis (in Oct/Nov).

MSU purchased a house near the hospital and medical school in 2013;  technically, it is owned by the College of Medicine, but MSU faculty and students have ‘first dibs’, and we are responsible for maintaining the house.  It can sleep 10-12 students, and there is a master bedroom (with an ensuite full bathroom) for the supervising faculty member.

Having this “home away from home” available for visiting students and faculty costs about $70,000/year (staff salaries, taxes, maintenance, home improvements).

We have tried to cover these costs by charging “rent” ($25-35/night, which is the going rate for ‘lodges’ on Blantyre), but even if we had 6 students/night for 11 months/year, we’d still come up short ($25/night x 6 students/night x 330 nights = $49,500).


In addition to housing MSU visitors in Malawi, we typically encumber ~$6,000 per year for purposes related to hospitality:  $3,000 for a staff party (for 150 people), $1500 for the annual Malawi Reunion (~100 people) and $1500 for a Malawi gathering at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.